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The Union of Chambers of Commerce is an independent non-commercial organization, which focuses on providing and promoting economic interests of its members in Switzerland and CSI countries.

Main directions of UCC activities:

  • Enabling economic development of Swiss regions and enterprises in CSI countries

  • Organization of economic presentations of CSI countries' public institutions in Switzerland

  • ​Organization of economic presentations of Swiss enterprises in CSI countries

  • ​Organization of business visits of Swiss economic and political figures to CSI countries

  • Organization of business visits of CSI economic and political figures to Switzerland

  • ​Consultations and presentations for Swiss and CSI public and political figures, assisted by numerous institutional partners (entrepreneurial, governmental, parliamentary and regional)

  • Organization of B2B sessions and cultural events

  • Assistance in opening of representation agencies and in developing of CSI companies in Switzerland, as well as in CSI investments to Switzerland

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